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      • Advantages of aluminum-plastic composite pipe

        1. Good flexibility, coil pipes below φ32 can be used as coils. According to different pipe diameters, there are coils of 100 meters and 50 meters. The storage and transportation of coiled tubes are more convenient than straight tubes. 2. Outstanding hygienic performance, with aluminum film in th...
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      • Characteristics of aluminum-plastic composite pipe

        The aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good thermal insulation performance, the inner and outer walls are not easy to corrode, because the inner wall is smooth, the resistance to fluid is small; and because it can be bent at will, it is convenient to install and construct. As a water supply pipe...
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      • What is the difference between PPR hot water pipe and cold water pipe?

        The?main?difference?between?PPR?hot?and?cold?water?pipes?is?that working? pressure. the?withstand?pressure?of?the?cold?water?pipe?is?1.6?or?1.0?MPa,?and?the?withstand?pressure?of?the?hot?water?pipe?is?2.0?or?1.6?MPa.? PPR?Cold?Water?Pipe?is?generally?used?as?a?water?pipe?. The?hot?water?pipe?is?g...
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      • Tips on how to Protect PVC Pipe From UV

        Tips on how to Protect PVC Pipe From UV

        PVC pipe exposed to ultraviolet light for long intervals of time loses some power but seldom adequate to cause a substantial drop inside the material’s ability to withstand water pressure. Ultraviolet rays also bring about colour improvements while in the pipe’s exterior. It’s p...
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      • Exactly how to Calculate Pipe Flow Rates

        Exactly how to Calculate Pipe Flow Rates

        Piping systems are developed by picking piping systems and supplies which are suitable for that flowing media choosing the pipe size that offers the really finest private finances for the application. Though a larger pipe size price far more initially, it gives better operating efficiency, that m...
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